Some Effective Tips to Be a Better Parent

There is common belief that good parents are the ones who make the sacrifice of everything related to their personal choices in order to get fully devoted to the kids. Well, kids do not need such devotion to be parented well. Your good self is the perfect person who can be fully devoted to the children when it comes to parenting. And this good self can remain in you only if you are willing to embrace yourself and do whatever pleases you. It really doesn’t mean that you should become a mean person who tries to achieve everything in his/her life without caring for the others. It rather means that you should not let go of the comforts in your life.

When you have this peaceful state of mind, you can make best parenting decisions which you and your children would cherish in the years to come. A confident parent is the only person who can inject this confidence in the kids.

With that said, there are a few things that you can do in order to be a better parent.

Set limits
The compassion and empathy should be the constant factor of your parenting, but you should not let your children to change your mind when you have refused them.

Set the resolutions
Your household rules can be the perfect set of instructions that you can set for the children and other family members. The key is to think about every rule twice or thrice, and to make sure that rules are easier to follow. The list should not be a longer one because long lists are rarely considered ideal to be followed. You will ultimately get tired.

Everyday routine
Instead of repeating everything to be followed every day, you can set a routine for yourself, your kids and other family members under your influence. Tell everyone their daily tasks with compassion and urge them to do those tasks on time without you saying every day.

Work on your to-do-list
A to-do list is usually the one which includes tasks that you need to perform on weekends. So, you get two days off, and one day should be more than enough to knock one task off the list. You will still get one day to have complete rest.

No means no
There can be time when you would need to refuse to your kids for something they would insist. So, you will have to make sure that your refusal doesn’t transform into acceptance due to their insistence. You can acknowledge them that what they want may have worked in the past but it’s not the time for that thing to be repeated.

Surprise kids by saying yes
You can say yes to the very thing you said no to at some other time when you feel appropriate. Your children would get better understanding about your determination regarding what you say. So saying yes to surprise them will help you to rebuild connection with them.